Executive Team Members

Benedicta Lobo, President, Director and Founding member


Picture of Benedicta Lobo

Benedicta has acquired 25 years of international work experience in the following sectors - mining & export, finance & banking, insurance, and audit & risk sector. Over the years, she has collaborated with various business partners and earned her knowledge in customer service, budgeting, analytical skills, finance, pension, banking and audit.

Upon her arrival to Canada, like most of the new immigrants, she also encountered challenges to find a similar position prior migrating due to lack of Canadian education and work experience. However, that did not deter her from pursuing her dreams and she accepted her first role of working as a customer service representative in a call centre. She, then gradually grew to become a senior internal auditor. 

At present she is excited for this new adventure and in lending a helping hand to her daughters in the e-commerce industry. 

She has a Masters degree (M.Com) in Accounting from Mumbai University, India along with an ACMA (Associate of Cost & Management Accountancy) designation from the Institute of Cost & Management Accountancy of India. After migrating to Canada, she continued her educational adventure and obtained designations such as CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) from the Institute of Internal Auditors (Canada) and CPA, CGA from Chartered Professional Accountant, Canada.


Danielle Lobo, Director, Secretary and Founder member

Co-founder of Lobo Sisters, Aspiring CPA & B.Com at TRSM, Ryerson University.

Danielle Lobo

Danielle is an aspiring young woman eager to explore the e-commerce business. She is very passionate about baking and set foot in the kitchen at a very young age. Initially, she started cooking simple dishes and later, she graduated to baking different types including cakes, pastries, main courses as well as appetizers.

In December 2019, she co-founded her baking business “Lobo Sisters” with her sister, Kimberly Lobo. The rise of the pandemic disrupted their business. However, it did not dampen her spirits and she, along with her sister, ventured into their very own social media channels such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. which garnered over 24K views in Q4 2020.

She is currently working towards completing her B.Com degree as well as obtaining her CPA designation. She also attends a variety of Bootcamps (workshops designed to learn as well as enhance technical IT as well as financial skills). Due to these Bootcamps, she was able to design her own website and animate her own logo for “Lobo Sisters”.

Kimberly Lobo, Treasurer and Founder member

Co-founder of Lobo Sisters

Kimberly Lobo

Kimberly is a spirited and ambitious young woman who is forever ready with new and exciting ideas. She enjoys baking and has a sweet tooth for all food especially baked items. If she is not doing anything else, then you will find her in the kitchen trying out something new and adventurous with her sister. She is a quick thinker and always views problems as an opportunity to do something better in life. She will never hesitate to express her opinion.

True to her nature, she stepped in with her sister to establish their very beloved baking business “Lobo Sisters” in December 2019 which ran its course till the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world with a jolt. This did not dampen her spirit and they diversified to the online social media platform where they learn new skills in creating and designing videos.

At the very young age of 15, Kimberly started working at “Epiphany of our Lord Parish” as a receptionist. Here, she was introduced to skills such as customer service, finance and accounting. This encouraged her to pursue her accounting designation which she plans to fulfill in the years ahead. Presently, she is excited to venture in the e-commerce industry.