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Dole Pomegranate Soft Serve Mix 4.4 lbs - 4 pack

Dole Pomegranate Soft Serve Mix 4.4 lbs - 4 pack

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Quickly and easily prepare large batches of fruity soft serve with the DOLE SOFT SERVE pomegranate soft serve mix. Bursting with a true-to-fruit, tart and sweet pomegranate flavor, the prepared soft serve delivers a texture that is creamier than sorbet without the tartness of frozen yogurt. Providing maximum versatility for your menu, this soft serve mix is delicious on its own or can be easily customized with mix ins and toppings. Coat in sprinkles or top with an assortment of fruit, candy pieces, chocolate chips, nuts, or granola. Try pairing with vanilla soft serve ice cream or other soft serve flavors to create customer-favorite twists. You can even use this soft serve mix to create float-style beverages or frozen beverages and cocktails!

This shelf stable dry mix is easy to handle and store and provides a consistent flavor and texture from batch to batch. Best of all, preparation is quick and easy to help you keep up with high demand and ensure optimal freshness when serving. Simply fill a clean mixing bucket with 6.75 quarts of cold water and add in one 4.4 lb. bag of DOLE SOFT SERVE mix to the bucket, stirring with a wire whisk until the dry mix is completely dissolved. Pour the mixture into your commercial soft serve machine or cover and store in your refrigerator for up to 48 hours. Each bag yields approximately (72) 2/3 cup servings, providing you with an ample supply for your business.

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