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Reese's Sticks, King Size (24 ct.)

Reese's Sticks, King Size (24 ct.)

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REESE'S STICKS wafer candy bars have the perfect three ingredients in every single bite — creamy milk chocolate, crispy crunchy wafer bars and lip-licking good peanut butter. You can shout for joy anytime you want! You'll enjoy this king size pack of treats until the last peanut butter bite. 

  • Layers of crispy wafers and peanut butter covered in milk chocolate for all your snacking and celebratory needs
  • Kosher certified milk chocolate REESE'S peanut butter crunchy wafer candy bars wrapped for ultimate freshness in a king size pack
  • Use REESE'S candy for graduation celebrations, back-to-school preparation, anniversary dates, concessions and birthday parties
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